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Underground Water Tank (5001L – 10000L)


  • Emptying the water tank: The water tank is emptied using a mechanical dewatering pump while ensuring the correct outlet is used
  • Removal of sludge: The sludge deposited in the bottom of the tank is removed using a vacuum pump
  • Cleaning the walls of the tank: The inner walls & surface of the tank are cleaned using a bleaching powder & stubborn spots are removed using a brush
  • Vacuuming: Any remaining dirt & dirt water is thoroughly cleaned using a vacuum pump

Excluded: Pipeline repair/plumbing or masonry work like tiling, granite installation etc. Cleaning of the outer surface of the tank is not covered

Please note – Customer needs to provide a bucket or ladder to the professional at the time of service

Available at 110033

Delivered By :
  • Wed, 10th Jul

Tools used

  • Submersible dewatering pump
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Brush
  • UV(Ultraviolet)


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